Battle Of The Bows

Battle of the Bows is our archer only event, we use padded arrows to shoot across a field at each other it is a game of skill luck and speed! Below you will find a quick start guide and below with our full rules.

     1 Borrowed Equipment
         1.1. DO NOT throw arrows to other players on the field.
         1.2. if you find an arrow with a broken fletching or nock, alert
the GM, and toss the arrow off field.
         1.3. Make sure you are picking up arrows after the end of battle
         1.4 DO NOT lean on the bows in any way
 1.5. Never dry fire the Bow (shooting without an arrow)
  2 Behavior
         2.1 This is a game. This is not an Olympic sport ,or a competition
there is no prize. Please remember this when you are playing 
         2.2 if someone brings their own  equipment please ask the person
who brought it if you can use it. DO NOT just take without asking.
         2.3 Get passionate, get excited, have fun. but please don't get
angry (See 2.1)
     2.4 try not to call others shots if you feel someone is ACTIVELY
trying to Cheat or hurt someone talk with a GM otherwise (See 2.1)
 A.Weapon Use Rules
     A.1. Archery
         A.1.1 all bows must be under 35# draw weight due to safety
         A.1.2 half draw at fifteen feet and under as you do not want to
harm the other person
         A.1.3 DO NOT hit arrows out of the air with your bow (you will be
called dead (see C.5 Dead)),  if you can hit an arrow out of the air with
another Arrow you will be given a high- five from the GM.
           A.1.4 DO NOT catch arrows out of the air (you will be called
dead (see C.5 Dead))
B. Target Areas
     B.1 all areas on the body are a legal target. if you are hit anywhere
you are considered Hit (See C.4 Hit)
     B.2 if your bow is hit you are considered Hit (See C.4 Hit)
     B.3 a solid hit must be made
         B.3.1 Bounce hits DOES NOT COUNT
         B.3.2 hit by a shaft flying by DOES NOT COUNT
         B.3.3 Hit on Baggy clothing and only moves the clothes DOES NOT COUNT
 C. Calls of Play
     C.1 Safety
         C.1.1 Safety is called as a stand where you are and freeze someone
may be hurt or a dangerous thing has happened.
     C.2 Fight on
         C.2.1 Begin fighting or resume fighting
         C.2.2 “Fight on” can be interchanged with a whistle blow or a
sounding horn
     C.3 Outside
         C.3.1 if fighter have stepped over the fighting area and are
fighting or shooting outside the field
 C.3.1 if you are approaching a border and need to move in 
 C.4 Hit
     C.4.1 once you are hit with a solid hit (See B.3) you should call out
HIT so that the person that hit you knows that they did
     C.4.2 you will be given an amount of Hits after that point you are
considered Dead
     C.5 Dead
         C.5.1 once you have run out of hits (see C.4) you are considered
dead you should call DEAD so that other people know you are out of play
           C.5.1.1 you must either put your weapon or hand on your head as
you leave the field so others know you are out of play
         C.5.2 you may call yourself dead at any time if you so choose.
         C.5.3 you must drop all but one arrow if playing a respawn game
(see D. Respawn)
 D. Respawn
     D.1 Respawns are used as a way to come back into the battle
         D.1.1 respawning has a specific place (GM will tell you that
location before battle begins)
             D.1.1.1 the GM will Tell you when you may respawn
     D.2 after you have Respawned you must call ALIVE or some other
indicator that you are re-entering the field
 E. Armor/ Garb
     E.1 TBG does not have an Armor or Garb Requirement to promote new
players to join and not be driven away    
 E.2 TBG does not use an armor perk system
     E.2.1 we encourage armor because it makes play more fun and
     F.3 TBG does not have a garb requirement
         E.3.1 we encourage garb because it makes play more fun 
 G. Field Set up
     G.1. The field will be set up in a large rectangle with cones
surrounding the area
         G.1.1 the border is a “soft” border 
             G.1.1.1 this means that you are not considered dead if you
walk over it but you may not fight once over the border and must go back
into the rectangle to fight 
             G.1.1.2 archers may grab arrows from outside the rectangle but
may only shoot once back in the rectangle
         G.1.2 See C.3 if you fight or shoot over the border
 H. Additional
    H.1 These rules are subject to change according to the balancing of
play so that everything has a benefit and a detriment if you have a comment
please take it to a GM

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