Combat Rules


Our battle group is a light hitting game, we do not allow heavy hitting.  We use padded weapons, that are of medieval design and includes archery and thrown weapons.  We have a code of conduct that encourages respect to the fighters and equipment.

Player Limitations

All players must be 12 years old or older and must be mature enough mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally to play on the main War field. All players 12 to 17 must have a legal guardian present at the game at all times by either playing or watching from the sidelines.

We do set up a small area where parents and children are welcome to use our loaner weapons and bows to play and learn our game.

At no time should any person under the age of 18 be left at the field without a legal guardian.

Rule 1 (Code of Conduct)

The Head Game Master (HGM) and their staff are responsible for enforcing the rules and players are required to follow the GMs instructions.  Players that cheat (or use loopholes), abuse equipment, lose their temper, hit too hard, endanger or harass other players or act inappropriately will be subject to removal based on TBG code of conduct. In short, don’t be a jerk.

Rule 2 (Target Areas) There are three areas which may be hit: arms, legs, and torso.

Arms are from below the corner of the shoulder to the fingertips. Hands are not counted as a hit, if struck below the wrist while holding a weapon or shield. Hits to the hand holding a weapon or shield are treated as though they had hit the held item.  You may immediately transfer an item to a non-disabled hand.

Legs are from just below the butt in the back and the hip socket in the front to and including the foot. A foot on the ground does not count as a hit, if struck below the ankle. If a leg is hit, the foot must remain on the ground and you may only pivot on that foot. If you wish to move, you must walk heel toe heel toe.

Torso is everything that is not an arm or leg, including, shoulders and collarbones up to the vertical rise of the neck. If you are hit in the torso area, you are automatically dead.

Non-Target Areas: Hits to the neck, head, or groin do not count. Intentional targeting or blocking with a non-target area is illegal.

Multiple limbs: Two hits to the same or different limbs result in death. If an attack strikes multiple limbs, only one limb is disabled and the defender picks the limb.

Rule 3 (Sufficient Force)

Melee attacks must strike the opponent with sufficient force to stop or defect the attack to score a hit, but should be less than 50% of full contact swing and not intended to overpower your opponent. Ranged attacks do not have a minimum force. Skips and bounces do not count for range attacks. The goal is to hit hard enough for the opponent to feel the hit, but not hard enough to hurt them. (It is better to be hitting too soft than to be hitting too hard.)  If two players hit each other at the same time, they both have to accept the hit. Players may wear armor and costumes so long as they can acknowledge hits, however armor does not provide an in-game advantage.

Rule 4 (Equipment)

Melee Weapons: Melee weapons may block thrown weapons and other melee weapons, but not archery due to safety. Thrust only melee weapons such as spears are marked with a green color.

Shields: Shields must be held in the hand or strapped to the forearm. Players may only have one shield. Free standing shields count as siege equipment when planted and a normal shield when carried or held.

Thrown weapons: Thrown weapons may be blocked by melee or thrown weapons and shields. Thrown only weapons will be marked with a black color and have a minimum range of five feet.

Thrown melee weapons: Weapons that can be thrown or used in melee such as javelins and throwing axes shall be marked with a Yellow color and follow the rules of both melee and thrown weapons.

Great Weapons:  If a great weapon strikes the face of a shield with at least two feet of travel in the swing it will destroy the shield in two hits. The attacker must call “Breaking 1, Breaking 2” while they make the attacks on the shield. If a shield is struck with a third hit, the arm will be disabled and a fourth hit will kill the target.  Great weapons shall be marked with a Red color and used with two hands, if they wish to break shields.

Archery: Archers have a minimum range of five feet and must half draw at 15 feet. Arrows that hit a weapon are assumed to pass through the weapon and hit the target area directly behind the weapon. Arrows cannot be thrown, used as a melee weapon, or swatted at by weapons.  Arrows may be reused on the war field after a quick inspection for damage and debris.

Siege Weapons: If a siege weapon fires a single projectile and hits any target area or equipment it will kill the opponent. The crew shall yell siege when they hit. If a siege weapon fires more than one projectile, each shot counts as a thrown weapon. Siege equipment can be destroyed with two hits from siege damage and does not affect the crew.

Rule 5 (Illegal Attacks)

Body to body contact such as grappling, punching, wrestling or kicking is prohibited. Body to shield contact such as grabbing, body slamming or kicking a shield is prohibited. Striking with a non-striking surface of a weapon or striking with a shield is prohibited; however, shields may be used passively to prevent forward movement.  Pinning an opponent’s weapon or shield is prohibited. You may not grab your opponent’s weapon or gear.

Rule 6 (Safety words)

Safety – Stop fighting immediately, take a knee and wait for instructions from the GM. If a player is injured or needs to stop the game to prevent injury, they may call safety.
Outside – The GM will call this when players get too close to an obstacle or boundary fighters may stop fighting and fight their way back onto the battlefield.

Fight – The GM will ask each side if they are ready and then call “Fight” to start the game.

Fight on – The GM will call this after a safety call has been resolved.

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