Core Values

Hit Light –  We only require/allow a light tap to score a hit.

  • Safety – There is significantly less opportunity to hurt someone in a light hitting game. 
  • Inclusiveness – Light hitting games allow more people to participate. 
  • Gear – Light hitting games allow for more realistic looking equipment as well more materials such as latex. We do not allow weapons that rely on momentum, force, or pinning. 
  • Inspections – Light hitting games have less wear on gear and consequences when gear fails, so the gear inspection is faster.
  • Realism – In light hitting games players must learn to defend their head. 
  • Control – In order to attack quickly and still hit light, you must use skill and control, rather than just clubbing each other.  

Family Friendly – We encourage youths and adults.

  • Maturity – We find that by 14 most people are mentally, physical, and emotionally able to play the main game.  You must be able to support your team (not just hide or run away), hit light, take a hit, follow directions, and control your emotions regardless of age.
  • Parenting –  Parents are encouraged to play with their kids on the field or help run games as referees. At a very minimum you must watch your child under 18  for them to participate.  We are not a daycare and will not watch your kids for you. 
  • Drug-Free – You may not participate if you are impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. 
  • Smoking – Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed on or near the battlefield. 
  • G Rated – Vulgar language, costumes, and behavior are not permitted. 

Easy to Play – The rules are simple to learn and play.

  • Rules – Our Combat Rules are simple and easy to understand.  
  • Loaner Gear– We provide basic gear to new players at no cost.
  • Crafting – We allow gear that is easy and affordable to make. 
  • Roleplaying – Buy or borrow medieval / fantasy equipment and then develop a simple back story.  This is not live Dungeons & Dragons with classes, skills, or powers. 

Sportsmanship – Players should strive to make the game fun for everyone.

  • Loopholes – Do not take advantage of gray areas in the rules. 
  • Respect – You must respect the staff, players, and equipment. 
  • Control – Control your temper and force at all times. 
  • Communicate – When hit, say something like “ Good leg hit” or “Nice job” without calling their hits. Role-playing is encouraged as long as it is not mean spirited or can be mistaken for a real injury. 
  • Disputes – If there is a dispute it must be resolved respectfully, off the field.  If you suspect cheating, please discreetly ask a referee to watch a player. 

Look Good – We encourage nice looking gear without excluding people.

  • Theme – costumes and gear must have a medieval/fantasy theme. 
  • Costumes – If you do not have a costume, please wear muted clothing such as black pants and t-shirts with no logo.  We provide loaner gear and do not exclude players that do not have costumes. 
  • Weapons – Weapons and gear shall be in good repair. 

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