Quick Start Guide

  • Family Friendly: No smoking, drugs, vulgar language, or non-sportsmanship behavior.
  • Legal Attacks: Light tap with the striking surface of the weapon or any part of a thrown axe. Combo attacks are allowed, but must be to different targets areas.
  • Banned Attacks: Grappling, charging over, pinning, tripping or hitting hard. You may not attack with more than one ranged weapon at a time.
  • Half Draw: Archery/Siege 15’, Thrown Weapon 5’
  • Ammo: Ammo/weapons that hit the ground are dead and cannot score a hit, but may be picked up, inspected and reused.
  • Blocking: Shields may block archery, thrown and melee. Thrown/Melee may only block thrown/melee. Illegally blocked attacks pass through to the target area that would have been hit. Bows may not be used to block.
  • Siege: Kills on contact of body or equipment including shields. Siege can kill Siege.
  • Shield: Max of 1, attached to the hand or forearm. No attacking with shields.
  • Death: One hit to the head/torso or two hits to the limbs result in death.

Calls of the Game

  • Fight on: Start or Resume game
  • Freeze: Freeze, look around, hold weapon up, wait for instructions
  • Center Up: Move away from a boundary or obstacle
  • Dead: Call “Dead”, put weapon on head and leave the field
  • Limb: Acknowledge an arm or leg hit and continue fighting

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